Our Team

Decoro Portraits is the husband and wife team of Kevan and Leah Wilkie.  Though their roles in the business are different, they are both passionate about creating beautiful photographs.  From make-up to photography, and the client experience to the finished product, they are dedicated to making you feel and look glamorous!



Leah does hair and make-up, and assists Kevan during shoots and is overall the studio's matron of awesome.  A former teacher, Leah never expected to be involved in the business in this capacity, but loves every second.  Decoro has really drawn out a creative side in her, and she is very passionate about the work she does.  The business also allows her to be at home with their three children, 6-year-old, Peta, 4-year-old, Emily and 2-year-old Marcus.


Kevan, Decoro's photographer, is an artist, entrepreneur, and dad. Formerly a teacher in Airdrie, Kevan decided to pursue his photography hobby professionally, and started shooting weddings full-time in 2007 with 6:8 Photography (which he still does).  Living and working in Fernie as a photographer is a dream come true for Kevan.  He is able to ski in the winter, mountain bike in the summer, and take beautiful photographs all year long.  It really is the best of all worlds!