Passion + Discipline

When I read about musicians who can hear symphonies in their minds as they compose, or of dancers who don’t have to think about their steps but who can allow the music to move them, I am fascinated.  And a little envious.  What must that be like?  I have a hard time letting go of the pragmatic aspects of life in order to pursue creativity, and that type of self-expression seems completely outside of my reality.  It seems like magic.  That is a lazy person’s view of it, however.  Not long ago I read a book called “Mastery” by Robert Greene, in which he argues that this type of creative genius comes about as a result of thousands of hours of practice and learning.  Passion+discipline=genius.  Needless to say, this type of focus and creative output is rare.

I started thinking about this because of the client who is featured in this post.  She is a dancer, and after briefly considering the practical post-secondary route of university, she decided to focus her energies on dance instead – something she has always been passionate about.  She has been working very hard to obtain the certifications she needs to teach the discipline she loves. This is not a pragmatic choice in the eyes of “the world”.  It is not a choice that will likely lead to fame or riches, and it’s not a choice that many of her peers would make.  It is a decision to immerse herself in a creative endeavour simply for the love of it – to let go of all the other mundane human pursuits in order to bring more beauty into the world.  That takes a person who is very self-aware, passionate and disciplined.  It takes a person who is on the road to mastery.

We hope you enjoy the photos we were able to create with this beautiful person.

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