Personal Acceptance

I noticed after I had chosen these photos for the blog that none of them have a direct gaze to the camera.  Kevan tells most of our clients before beginning the shoot that boudoir is about strength and personal centeredness.  That is why we don’t do a ton of pictures with eyes to the camera.

It is very consistent with our goal when we shoot: to create images that reflect confidence and personal acceptance.  Boudoir photos are an amazing gift for a partner, but there is more to the gift than just the pictures.  We believe that confidence is the result of a healthy relationship with yourself.  And when you have a healthy inner life, you bring more to your relationships.

The beautiful woman in these photos is a friend of ours.  We have had the opportunity to shoot with her a few times, and it is always so rewarding.  She is one of the most graceful people I know.  We have more of her photos posted on our private Facebook group if you are interested in seeing more (and if you’re a woman – it’s a ladies only group).  Just go to and ask to join!

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