Puddle-jumping and Bushwhacking

Why is summer so short around here?  I am not actually asking (I understand the whole Earth on an axis, Northern Hemisphere thing) – I am full-on complaining.  We have had so many beautiful outdoor shoots lately that I am not sure what is going to happen when the rain and snow force us back into the studio.  Thankfully, we still have 2 months left – yay!

When we shoot outside, we find a mostly secluded location so that our client feels comfortable.  This means that we need to walk or drive to a place that is annoying for the Average Joe to get to.  We aren’t trekking for hours or anything, we just have to do some puddle-jumping and minor bushwhacking.  It’s really amazing what we can find 3 minutes off a main road.

Kevan, who began his photography career as a wedding photographer and still shoots a lot of weddings every year, is really good at finding interesting light in whatever location he is in.  Light, not the background, is the key for us in boudoir because our client is the story in the photograph.

Today’s shoot is a really good mix of studio and outdoor work.  We have shot with this beautiful lady before, so it was nice to get some images that were a bit different.  Thanks to J for letting us show her beautiful photographs.

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