Put the pieces back

I am going to do something a bit unconventional in this blog post:  I am going to stop talking and allow our client to speak for herself.  Without further adieu:

Strength, courage and beauty – As that saying goes “You wont recognize this new me, I’ve put the pieces back different” but in my case I am more me then I have ever been. In my journey to find this beautiful, unstoppable, strong woman  inside me I took the opportunity to do a Boudoir photo shoot with Decoro. Husband and wife team, Leah & Kevan were up-most respectful, professional but very personable. 

From the first time we connected I felt the warmth of a real genuine person. Talking over the phone with Leah was easy, we laughed – almost like ol’ friends, she took the time to understand me and why I wanted to be a part of this experience. I was looking for a way that I could take this time for me. Boudoir photography has always been something I have wanted to do but never had the courage or felt I was “hot” enough. I didn’t look bad or ugly by any means, I was just average.

The day of the shoot, I arrived – nervous as heck , oh my gosh I was probably shaking. I met Leah and Kevan for the first time face to face. Bright smiles and energetic personalities. The music was turned on, I unpacked and we took a look at what I had brought. Leah started on my hair & make-up (she deserves a lot of credit for it!) and we got started. Kevan, a serious type (joking) but you could see him almost light up – photography was his thing, something he enjoyed with a lot passion. His instructions were clear, easy to follow and he made me feel at ease. Time flew by, I couldn’t believe it – it was honestly fun, I felt so energized and walked out with a new found powerful step. 

A week or so went by and we did my photo-reveal via Skype. Again, I was so nervous to see the photos and WOW. I honestly thought I was in shock, I had no idea – they were absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t believe it, I still can’t. That’s me, all of me in those photographs. I think it took Leah and I almost 3 hours of going through the photos, each one by one and designing an amazing album. A keepsake for myself to remind me of the strong, courageous, beautiful woman I am. 

This was the most amazing experience, it was incredible. The photos, the experience … everything. It was just what I needed to help me find myself. A part of putting myself back together. I was up hours thinking about the beautiful photographs that Kevan and Leah took – I am so excited to touch them and hold them, treasure them. This is me and thanks to Decoro Portraits I now have these memories of an experience that will help me keep that new found confidence in myself. Thank you.

 ? K   

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