Putting It Back Together

When we run model calls, we always struggle over the decision. There are so many women who have amazing stories, and we know that it takes guts to share those stories. Every woman deserves to win – hence the difficulty in choosing!

One of our model call winners from a couple of months ago shared her heart-wrenching story with us, and gave us permission to share it with you. She has truly walked through hell and come out on the other side. Here is part of what she wrote to me:

“I am a divorced mom (children all grown up and moved away) and would LOVE to experience this opportunity to be a model for your photo shoot.  I am in awe of how your photography makes women feel and look.  With the confidence on the their faces you can see how you bring out the beauty within.  To feel that again at this age would be a great experience.   I have my body flaws and am proud to say my stretch marks are my road maps.  

With so many losses and a husband of 20 years who walked out on me and my kids to be with another woman it has certainly changed my life in many ways. I am single and dating at my age has not been easy especially when the hardest part has been trying to find what my purpose and my own worth is again. But…..being able to have the opportunity to feel and look sexy and sensual and empowered again would be such an amazing opportunity!”

When I read that, I knew I wanted to have this beautiful lady in the studio. Betrayal is one of the most difficult experiences to recover from. It calls into question your sense of value and and tests your ability to trust people. To work through that and to put yourself back together is no small feat. It took a great deal of vulnerability and courage for T to write me and then to come into the studio.

We have already posted some of T’s images, but we wanted to share a few more with this post because knowing her story will make you see them differently.

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