Reflect, Celebrate, Plan

Life is a collection of mundane activities interspersed with densely meaningful moments of excitement, beauty, love, hope, grief and gratitude.  You spend 33% of your life sleeping and 0.003% of your life getting married but which one of those is more memorable?  Obviously your wedding, right?  The amount of time spent doing something isn’t necessarily equivalent to its overall meaningfulness.  You probably spend more time in the bathroom than reading to your kids, to take a ridiculous example.

These meaningful moments don’t have to be few and far between.  There are three activities that can create them and intensify your experience of life:

  • REFLECT on the past
  • CELEBRATE the present
  • PLAN for the future

How do you do these things?  You reflect on the past by reminiscing with your family (grandparents included), and by attending church, birthday parties and funerals.  You celebrate the present by going to graduations and weddings.  You plan for the future by applying to university, booking trips, and signing up for races.  All of these things create opportunities for us to more deeply experience life.

You have probably noticed that the things on my list are all now restricted activities.  This is on purpose because if you have been feeling low and depressed, it’s likely because of the COVID restrictions.  They have really sucked all the  juice out of life and left only the fibre. So, you have to take matters into your own hands if you want to revivify your life.  We each have to decide what that looks like but the key is to do those three things: reflect on the past, celebrate the present, and plan for the future. If you do those things intentionally, you will find your “existence” looking a lot more like “life”.

One thing you can do to celebrate the present AND create something that will help you reflect on the past in the future (are you following me?) is a photo shoot!  There is nothing like a boudoir shoot to create a goal for the near future, a chance to celebrate yourself and a way to look back on the person you are right now.  It really is a fantastic way to spice up your life!  

Thanks so much to L for allowing us to share these pictures we created a few years ago!

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