Seize it or let it go

Seize it or let it go

The way a person feels about his/her body has very little to do with how it looks.  I have met women with model-esque bodies who don’t like what they see in the mirror, and women with so-called “flaws” like stretch marks, cellulite, etc. who love their bodies.  The difference between these two perspectives is not about physical realities, but about attitudes.

Having a good attitude about your body comes down to identifying what you can and cannot control.  You can control what you put into your body (except maybe on that one day a month), how much you exercise, what you wear, how often you shower, etc.  You cannot control the length of your legs, the size of your eyes, whether or not you have stretch marks, etc.  

Once you determine what you can control, then take time to get those things sorted.  Your health is no joke.  You only get one life and you can only live one day at a time, so start taking care of yourself today.  You can also control how you talk to yourself, so decide to treat yourself with respect – just like you would treat your best friend.  You’re not going to do this perfectly, but you WILL improve your life by making an attempt.

Next, once you find out what you can’t control, let it go.  You cannot control what others think of you, so stop thinking about them.  You cannot change what’s happened in the past, so focus on today.  You can’t get rid of your stretch marks, so choose to look at them as trophies in the display case of a life well-lived.  

This may all seem like mental gymnastics but like real gymnastics, these exercises make you stronger, nimbler and and more graceful when dealing with challenges of life.

The woman in these photos is absolutely gorgeous – a fact so obvious that I don’t even need to say it.  However, even she has struggled with insecurities.  I just met her, but I am PROUD of her.  Not only did she push herself out of her comfort zone and do this shoot, she also LOVED her photos.  She seized today, and made a choice to accept, appreciate and love herself. In my books, that is real progress.  Thanks, R, for trusting us with your photos and for letting us share them!

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