Shake it up

Shake it up!

I am very lucky to have been with my husband for almost 20 years.  We have a stable, loving, and intimate relationship.  We work together, raise our children together, vacation together, go to church together – the list can go on.  Our lives are really just one life and I am very grateful for that.

The challenge in being in a committed relationship for decades lies in keeping things romantic and interesting.  It’s hard to be unpredictable when someone knows you so well.  However, it’s worth the effort because changing something about yourself – your reactions, your activities, your physical appearance, your habits – can break the stupor of routine and make you both sit up and notice not just the change, but all the things you’ve stopped noticing.

Because making big changes is so difficult, it’s a comfort to know that you can shake up your romantic life with small adjustments.  Here are some ideas:

  • Up the ante on your self-care routine. Start doing your makeup or your nails, shave your legs and moisturize more regularly, take the time to style your hair.  Doing these little things will make you feel better about yourself and will make your partner take notice.
  • Buy some new underwear.  Admit it, you have some undies that are embarrassing (or maybe I’m revealing too much about myself there).  Who cares if you don’t love your butt or legs – everyone deserves to have nice underwear, and they will help you feel sexier.  Your partner will notice too!
  • Buy some new perfume.  A new scent in your environment will make both of your brains wake up and take notice of your surroundings, and also of each other.
  • Start wearing loungewear that isn’t “shlubby” (does anyone else use that word?).  Leggings, satin pj pants, shorts – anything but sweats!
  • Start touching your partner more.  Throughout the day, take more opportunities to connect physically, even if it’s just a hand on his shoulder.  It’s amazing how we forget to do that after a few years!

These little changes can make an enormous difference in your relationship.  They can make you more thoughtful, make your relationship more playful, help you and your partner connect on a deeper level, and make each of you feel more seen and appreciated.  What do we have to lose, right?

This absolutely gorgeous lady came in for a shoot a couple of years ago and I’m really excited to show a whole pile of her images in this post.  I love the variety of looks she has – both feminine and edgy.  We hope you enjoy!

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