You shape the world and the world shapes you

When I was a teenager, I was so excited to get out there and discover the world.  I dreamed about travelling, learning new languages, meeting new people.  I thought of adulthood as a time to explore our great big beautiful planet.

A few years have passed between my teenaged years and now (well, more than a few if I’m being honest), and though I have spent a little bit of time exploring the world, that hasn’t been my main mission.  It turns out that my adventure has always been about solving the mystery of who I am and what my purpose is in the world. 

I know that the same is true for you – even if you don’t think about it like that.

Every experience, every trial, every moment of delight and joy – they all unearth something new about you.  Maybe those experiences extend beyond discovery and CREATE something new in you.  Sometimes you discover something wonderful and sometimes something troubling; but whichever way it goes, one thing is certain: you are constantly changing and then rediscovering yourself.

And, when you think about the experiences that advance you along that road more quickly, you’ll find that they are not typically mundane events.  The times you have taken a chance, pushed yourself out of your comfort zone, acted intentionally, been grief-stricken, and had to deny yourself for another person – those are the times that shape and reveal you.  But not only you: those are the times that also shape the world.

So, get out there and explore.  Find out who you are in the world, and how you are part of the world’s adventure too.  Make changes, take chances, bring joy, make plans – you are, after all, part of everyone else’s adventure too!


This shoot is so unique.  This beautiful lady had so many different looks, which really expressed the different elements of her life and personality so well.  Thanks so much to D for allowing us to share!

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