Small Changes, Big Transformations

I, like a lot of people, love movies and television.  I am especially drawn to shows with complicated (but likeable) people.  My favourite shows are Gilmore Girls, Downton Abbey, Offspring, House, etc.  While I’m watching those shows, I feel like I’m part of a community/a family /a workplace that is vibrant, fun, and interesting.  My own life by comparison is boring and uneventful – especially in pandemic-land.  

I don’t want to fee like that so what do I do?  I binge-watch.  I literally watched all of Offspring – 7 seasons – in a month and a half.  I would try to cook or fold laundry or clean while I was watching, but even so, that is an unbelievable amount of time to be vacating my real world for a pretend one. 

The time-commitment aside, being lost in those shows creates a weird real-world reaction in me.  I feel anxious, I have more conflict with my husband, I’m less attentive to my kids.  I start to read my regular life like I would a story.  I find myself assuming certain incidents or comments are foreshadowing a crisis to come.  I subconsciously wait for “the other shoe to drop” as always happens in a story.  Essentially, I extrapolate tv-land, a place with never-ending drama, conflict, and bad decisions, to my real life, which is actually pretty stable, happy, and fulfilling.  So, my consumption of those shows actually makes me perceive my real life incorrectly and as a result, I become less content, more confrontational, less accessible, and generally less happy.

The purpose of this post isn’t to talk you out of your Netflix subscription.  Everyone reacts differently to different activities so you might not have the same experience with television.  But I think we all have something about our habits, and whatever classifies as “brain-candy” to us, that we use to escape our lives.

What would happen if we tried to interrupt that habit and instead reconnect with ourselves, our creativity, and with the people we encounter?  Maybe it’s worth a small experiment.  Who knows, maybe a tiny change like shutting off the tv, shutting off Facebook notifications, writing in a journal, or sitting in silence for 10 minutes would actually transform our lives in amazing ways.  

If you have any stories about small changes you have made that have created big transformations in your life, I would love to hear them! Email me at info@decoroportraits.com 

We have some beautiful photos from a shoot we did at the end of last year for you today.  I find all of her “eyes to the camera” shots extremely mesmerizing, don’t you?  We hope you enjoy!

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