I believe in the importance of tension in life. It sounds awful when I say it like that, but let me explain. I think so many experiences and events are enhanced by the existence of their opposite. For example, Friday night is so much better when you’ve worked Monday-Thursday; dinner out is more of a treat when you haven’t been out in awhile; time with your husband is more special when you’ve been apart for a bit.

Those are all pretty self-evident, but here’s one that may not be: if you accept yourself as you are now, you are more able to become a better version of yourself; and if you are striving to reach your potential, you’re more accepting of yourself as you are right now. That might be hard to wrap your mind around, or it may be obvious, but the point is that they’re both true. It’s not enough to say that you’re ok as you are without also trying to be better and vice versa.

I see this tension all the time in the women we photograph. When they do a boudoir shoot, they decide to accept themselves as they are right now, but they also use their shoot to inspire themselves to be more. I find that so beautiful!

The woman in today’s post is a very centred person, with a very strong trust in herself. Her photos definitely reflect that.

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