One of the very best things I ever did for myself. Is it scary? Only thinking about it is and the unknown. I think it is something every woman should do. Totally a bucket list item. To see yourself in a different light literally with a different lens is amazing. I had never met Leah or Kevan before my shoot and they made me so comfortable and relaxed. And then to get to see the photos..... I was floored. If you are thinking about it you are already ready for it! Do it!! We all deserve to see ourselves as the beautiful people our loved ones see, that we often discount and focus on our flaws.


This brings back lots of great memories! It was so much fun shooting my wedding boudoir with you guys. I really didn’t know what to expect (especially having a man take the photos whom I’d never met in person haha - sorry Kev ?) But it exceeded my expectations and I loved every second. Would recommend to anyone even remotely considering it! 


Thanks Decoro for the amazing experience and beautiful album. I had a boudoir shoot done as a gift for my husband to be. I wanted him to have these pictures as a keepsake of his younger, hotter wife! When I am an old lady they will be evidence for my grandchildren that their Grandma used to be a babe! lol The whole experience of planning my various outfits, having my hair and makeup done, and the actual photo shoot was so fun! Leah and Kevan made me feel so comfortable and gave me really easy to follow instructions of how to pose for the shot.

Like many women, my confidence in regard to my my body image decreased as I grew up. I was so nervous going to view my photos from the shoot. When they came up onto the screen I nearly cried because I could not believe how beautiful they were, it brought tears to my eyes. I went in thinking I would be lucky if there was a couple that I liked. I ended up buying the album with all shots because I was in love with 65 of the pictures, I think there was only two I didn’t like! Doing this shoot has helped me to see myself in a different light. We all have our flaws, but Decoro has a way of highlighting beauty. I recommend all women try it. I promise it will improve your body image and make you feel like a superstar! I am obsessed with my pictures, I think I may like them more than my fiance?


Kevan and Leah made me feel so comfortable. …not just with the shoot itself….but with ME. Their philosophy of honoring each woman’s unique beauty came through in their approach. With each wardrobe change (some of which required me to be very brave and vulnerable), I began to feel more and more beautiful, just as I am... right here, right now.



My photo shoot with Decoro was a one of a kind experience. I had never done a professional photo shoot before and I was a little nervous, but decided to just relax and trust Kevan and Leah’s skills. I was very curious about their ideas and how they would capture me in their photos.

I arrived at the studio with butterflies in my stomach. After a warm welcome, Leah got started on my hair and make-up. We had music playing and had a good time chatting like old friends. Because it was so easy for me to relax and get comfortable, the butterflies were gone pretty fast. I felt very welcome and I enjoyed the positive and relaxed atmosphere at the studio.

Usually I wear very simple make-up but I was excited to see what look Leah had in mind for me. I was amazed when I took my first look in the mirror. The smoky eyes make-up brought out the colour of my eyes and the soft curls made the look perfect. Elegant and classy, I absolutely loved it!!!

We got ready for the first photo and Kevan instructed me in how to position myself. He has an amazing eye and vision for how to portray a client in a flattering way, starting with a pose to fine details and adjustments as well as the perfect light to create a breathtaking photo. Kevan also has a great way of communicating his ideas. He directed me in a calm and reassuring manner and I found his instructions were very easy to follow. Leah was always there to assist with whatever needed. She made sure my hair, make-up and outfit were always perfect, she helped with the lighting, and brain-stormed ideas with Kevan. Their smooth teamwork is amazing. Together they create an atmosphere that is professional and respectful but fun, enthusiastic and very enjoyable. They are passionate about their art, incredibly creative and never run out of ideas. I felt very comfortable, relaxed and excited to be working with such an amazing team. It was a lot of fun and I fully enjoyed this new experience.

I was and still am absolutely amazed by the outcome of our work. Every photo came together like a puzzle: background, pose, light, fine adjustments and that puzzle turned into a perfect photograph, a piece of art. Every photo has a different feeling to it, it’s the same woman but always from a different and individual angle and it’s fascinating to see her diversity. I had a hard time finding the right words to describe my experience. It just seemed like my words didn’t fully express how amazing it was. I can’t thank Kevan and Leah enough. I will always treasure the memory of the shoot and my photos. And I’m proud to say the beautiful woman in those amazing photographs is… ME. Thank you!!!



I had the opportunity to have boudoir photos taken by Decoro and it was a wonderful experience. Not only were they professional and held in a private setting Kevan and Leah made me feel completely comfortable. I am very pleased with how my hair and make up was done as it complimented the classy look I had envisioned for myself. The photos exceeded my expectations. I love them as does my boyfriend and have recommended Decoro to all my friends and family. Thank you Decoro for a truly great experience and photos I will treasure always. — Maria


I recently had a photo shoot with Decoro. I appreciated the professional but fun environment they created. It was safe and comfortable, and allowed me to relax and completely trust the experts. I could simply follow direction and enjoy myself!

I am not confident having my picture taken, and I do not know how to place myself for a photo. Kevan instructed me in exactly how to position myself. I could simply follow direction and relax! It was a fun experience and I was so pleased with the results. I would and do recommend them to everyone!



Decoro Portraits offers a chance to feel like a movie star for the day.

Kevan and Leah are so committed to giving you a positive experience, that you can’t help but relax and enjoy yourself. From the minute they greet you at the door, to when they say good-bye, every single moment is all about you. Their main goal is to make sure you feel beautiful and confident. The talented hair and makeup artist gets you looking your best for the portrait session. She listens to your ideas and delivers knock out results. Kevan is professional and encouraging as he coaches you through different poses and Leah is there to offer assistance in any form, from bringing you something to drink, to making sure your hair stays in place. Their teamwork and passion are clearly visible in their art. The images Decoro delivers are breath-taking, and will impress anyone you share them with!

My husband loves showing off the pictures of his “hot wife” and I love the compliments I’ve received from everyone who has seen them. The confidence the photos have given me is probably the best reason for booking with Decoro. Whenever I’m having an off day, I can look at the pictures and remember that I am truly a strong and beautiful woman. I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with the Decoro team, and I recommend them whole heartedly, because we all need to feel beautiful and pampered from time to time.


Decoro Portraits is a highly professional team who produces the most beautiful portraits! As a photographer myself, I don’t often go to the other side of the camera, so when I won a free session, I was very excited to experience it from a different perspective! The studio is a nice open space that has great natural lighting. Kevan was great at making me feel at ease and gave guidance as to how I should pose (which doesn’t come naturally to me!). The atmosphere was relaxed and we had a fun time joking around during the photo session. I live out of town so they were very accommodating with my limited schedule of time in Fernie as well as the “meet and greet” Skype call. I appreciated their flexibility and time spent with me! I hope to work with Decoro again one day.



My mom and I had such an amazing experience with Decoro. Leah and Kevan created such a relaxing atmosphere that we felt comfortable during the photo shoot and we had tons of laughs along the way. The hair, makeup, and wardrobe changes made us feel like superstars while Kevan did an amazing job instructing us in front of the camera. The photos were absolutely amazing and I would love to do another photoshoot with them anytime!



This year for my husband’s birthday I wanted to get him something special. I remembered a dear friend of mine recently had photos taken of her family from Decoro Portraits, and they were amazing. What a great memory to keep for years ahead. I set up an appointment with Leah to discuss my ideas.

I met Leah at the studio and we discussed my wants and needs. Im a fitness instructor and I wanted to do some stronger poses from fitness magazines, as well as pretty ones. The idea of stronger poses was a new idea for her, and she was excited to get started.

The day of the shoot I arrived with many different changes of clothes. Leah first started with my hair, then my makeup. I felt spoiled and relaxed at the same time. Music played in the background, a slideshow of their photos was on the TV, and Leah and I chatted and giggled like old friends.

Then , it was time to get started. Here came the first outfit! I went into the change room, and put on a really tight black dress. I was felling a little nervous, “I’m really doing this.” I thought of all my imperfections, my insecurities and walked out to the studio. Both Kevan and Leah made me feel so comfortable with kind words. As we set the first pose I had butterflies at first until Kevan took his first shot.. “CLICK”. ..and I felt the butterflies go away. Instead of worrying about my insecurities, I embraced them.

Leah and Kevan are artists, I was the canvas. With each shot the lighting changed and the clothes changed. We were in this together as a team. Before each shot Leah ran in to fix my hair and touch up my makeup. The three of us wanted to try new things, and some old things. I was pushed and pulled in all directions to achieve certain looks for the shots.

This process is a lot of work. My shoot took 4 hours, from to start to finish. The amazing part was still yet to happen.

One week later I went back to the studio to see the end result. This time it was my pictures on the slideshow. I could not believe my eyes. Amazing.

Leah and Kevan are passionate about their work. They make you feel at home in the studio. I never felt judged, I felt welcomed. Kevan sets each shot to flatter the model, while Leah takes pride in the work she has created to achieve the end result. Together they make a great team after the same goal: give each client a memory, and an experience to treasure.

To gain experiences in life, you have to step out of your comfort zone. Be nervous, be scared – you never know what can happen. It is these moments that can change your life. I learned I’m not perfect, and I embrace my strength, personal beauty and femininity.