I couldn’t praise the experience in working with Kevan and Leah enough. 

I was anxious and nervous about it all, and they went above and beyond in making the experience personal, intimate and best of all, fun. 

It was a very empowering and rewarding experience that I’d hope for everyone and anyone, to take the chance and be revered. 
Thank you so much for the opportunity and can’t speak highly enough for the positivity you both radiate and bring out of ourselves. 


I had such a great time getting to meet you and Kevan! You guys made this such a fun and comfortable experience for me! Getting to go outside really made this great for me because it allowed my vision to really come to life! The mosquitos and cold water were so worth it in the end! I love all my photos and had a more amazing experience than I could’ve imagined! Thanks so much Kevan and Leah! 


I stepped out of my shell at the beginning of this month and did something I never thought I would ever do. This shoot reminded me that although I’m married with three busy children and a full time job, I’m still human. I actually took time for myself and indulged in something that is SO out of my comfort zone and honestly loved every minute of the process and the results. I feel beautiful and empowered…I think I’m gonna go back and do it again in 5 years just cuz 🙂. To all my lady friends out there…this is such an experience…just do it!

P.S. I purchased this sitting at the end of November, almost rescheduled my appointment once AND almost turned around while I was driving there for this shoot…not nervous at all 😂

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Not only are Leah and Kevan professionals at what they do but they are so very kind and make you feel welcome, accepted and most of all so very much beautiful. They bring you through the process of picking the perfect outfits, to hair & makeup, shooting different set ups and helping you pick the perfect photos to remember. This was my second shoot and it was as memorable as the first. Their talent is remarkable! Thank you again Leah & Kevan for the most beautiful day and letting me flow back into that feminine energy and reminding me of my beauty.   
Much love 💗 


Dear Kevan and Leah,


First off I would like to thank you both for such an amazing experience and welcoming me in to your home you guys are truly amazing the passion and pride you have in your work is second to none. 


This experience has given me a different perspective on my self something that I lost years ago with my crazy life I have never felt more comfortable being me these photos tell such a story I’m not just a mom or a wife I am strong and confident I am me and I’m so happy I had the chance to do them with you both. I absolutely cannot wait to do this again in the future. 
xo Jaylene


Where to even start?  Decoro and I go way back.  Having said that, every time I’m in front of Kevan’s camera the experience is unique.  There are new poses, different angles and more stretching!  I’m always a tad nervous going into a shoot, but I always feel like a rock star when I’m done.  The experience is always positive, and I leave with a renewed sense of body awareness and confidence.  No two shoots have ever been alike, and the pictures are always breathtaking.  Kevan and Leah go out of their way to make sure you are encouraged and supported every step of the way.  That’s not to say the shoot is a lovely, relaxing cake walk.  You are going to have to work for it.  But trust Kevan when he’s posing you, and the results will be totally worth it!  They’ve managed to make this girl feel beautiful in the midst of two pregnancies, and that is a pretty major feat.  I will always be grateful for my experiences with Decoro, and I will always recommend them to anyone who wants to be able to own the beauty we all have.


I absolutely loved my shoot. It was the most amazing empowering experience. I’ve always wanted to do a shoot like this before and Decoro went over and above the expectations I had. I would recommend every woman to do this. When I saw my photos I was blown away with how well they turned out. They are more amazing then I ever imagined they could be. You guys are really top notch, and a huge thanks to making me look and feel so beautiful! I had so much fun being a model for the day and would definitely do it again in the future! 

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For various reasons I have felt shame for my body, my sensuality, and in essence my entire self for a very long time. I buried myself in extra large clothes to hide myself from the scrutinizing eyes and judgement. Two years ago, I embarked on a mission of self love, learning about myself and what it truly meant to love me. As part of a workshop, we were asked to make a vow to ourselves. I wrote; “I vow to be ferociously feminine, to do so boldly and quietly, with strength and tenderness, wisdom and whimsy, fact and faith. To be true to myself, to be true to others and to be true to love.”

When I discovered Decoro, I was excited and terrified, and with anxiety turning my stomach I booked my appointment. Then came the BIG DAY! Leah and Kevan have such an amazing energy, I felt free to be my fabulous and flawed self. They truly celebrate beauty in all forms.
As I made my way out the door that day, I realized, Leah and Kevan helped me fulfill my vow.
Whatever stage you are at in your journey, this is a MUST DO!


I can not thank you, Leah and Kevan, enough. You have been a part of my journey. A journey no one ever expects to be on, but it makes you who you are. A true test of oneself, a chapter and part of this book called life. It’s been a trial; emotionally, physically and mentally.  I met Leah and Kevin a year and a half ago for my first boudoir photo shoot. I took the leap and did it, nervous as heck but I was so proud of myself and happy I did. They made me feel so empowered and absolutely stunning. The photo shoot was something that I did for me and only me, as I picked up the pieces and set out to find myself.

A year later, Leah and I got in touch, I made the decision to do another boudoir photo session. I never thought I would do another session, felt it was a once in a lifetime experience but I needed this.. 1+ year later. This time I went into it with a completely different attitude and intention. This is me; strong, confident, fierce and powerful. I am an amazing woman and I have worked my butt off becoming her!

We got to work, within moments it was old times, laughing and joking. I was confident and secure, feeling absolutely incredible. Leah did an amazing job once again on my makeup, enhancing elements of my natural beauty and using my favourite colour tones. Kevin didn’t change a bit, full of laughs, direction and same ol’ booty-pop. There I stood in front of Leah and Kevin, a rock solid team – husband and wife duo for my second photo shoot with Decoro.

The entire session felt like minutes. We changed sets, clothing, lighting and camera lenses. It was incredible! It was hard work, definitely pushing to get the perfect shot isn’t easy. Confident with their experience, they welcomed the opportunity to try a few new things. Which turned out incredible, thank you for having an open mind and making the attempt successful.

As I continue on my journey, not afraid of what’s ahead or what life will bring for me. There hasn’t been a day that has stopped me yet. “I can trust the next chapter because I know the author”

Thank you so much, Kevan and Leah, for everything and most of all, the hard work and energy that you put into creating these ever lasting memories.

I strongly encourage every woman to take part in and experience boudoir photography from Decoro. For whatever your reason, do it – you won’t regret this. Capture your beauty, feel empowered and finish off badass!

Luv Kristine


Working with Leah and Kevan was SUCH an incredible experience! From the moment I walked in, they were both warm and welcoming, and immediately began to make me feel comfortable. When doing my hair and makeup, Leah was so calming, easy to talk to, and truly light and loving in her approach to helping me to feel beautiful.


Together they both were very helpful in recommending outfit choices, which I really appreciated as someone who works best with direction. When it came time to begin shooting, they were both incredibly professional, kind, and helpful with making me feel comfortable and at ease with the poses. They were also super funny, which made it hard to have a serious face, but helped me feel at home and got my guard down!


They have such a strong respect and admiration for one another, that you can feel through the way they work. Whether it’s asking the other for input, or looking at an angle together, you can truly feel the love they share, and the strength they have as a team – and that made me feel truly confident that they were accomplishing some beautiful work.


Having their guidance on poses (or bossiness as Kevan kept saying) was truly appreciated, and made someone of no experience like me, feel confident and powerful in my own skin. Through their suggestions, I was able to feel
comfortable, strong, and empowered with my body – and helped to remind me that I was there for that reason alone. I reached out to working with them because I wanted to celebrate myself, and my new-found self-confidence and self-love.


Like so many other women, I’ve struggled with anxiety, depression and insecurities my entire life. It wasn’t until two years ago, when I actively sought help for my mental health and began to make the changes I needed to take care of myself, that I began to learn how to love the person that I am.


I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am today – and that is a state of genuine happiness and self-acceptance. Something I never thought would be possible based on my past of insecurities and fears. I am proud of the person I am today, and know that the future is uncertain, so I wanted to celebrate and capture this state of bliss while I am in it. Which I why I am so thankful to have been able to do so with the help of Leah and Kevan.


From the comforting guidance of their home, to trekking through the icy cold waters to find the beauty in nature – I was able to feel confident, strong and beautiful with everything that unfolded.


I am whole-heartedly grateful to Leah and Kevan for this adventure, and for taking the time to work with me, and gift me with such a beautiful experience. It’s one that I’ll hold near and dear to my heart, because it was a day of celebrating myself.


For how far I’ve come, and how far I have to go. Thank you!!!

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