The ART of Photography

I had a friend tell me once that she was uncomfortable with our photography work because it didn’t depict “real life”.  She said that the photos were beautiful, but that they gave people an unrealistic expectation about how they should look in actuality.

That is such a common way to interpret photography – you all saw the Dove commercials about the photoshop work that transforms magazine images.  But that perspective is missing one important piece of information: photography is an art form.

There isn’t a single type of art on the planet that depicts life in a totally realistic way.  All forms of art focus in on certain elements to the exclusion of others.  For example, a painter might paint a mountain, but leave out the power lines that are part of the vista in real life.  A movie is a highly orchestrated series of events that draws our attention to some details and distracts us from others so that it can tell the story dramatically; even clothing is structured to enhance certain body lines and diminish others.

The purpose of art is to help us see and experience our worlds differently.  When we encounter life in new ways, we gain new insights, we feel new feelings, we act in new ways.  Art is extremely powerful.

So, it is true that after a boudoir photoshoot you won’t look as sexy while doing your grocery shopping as you do in your photos, but that’s really not the point.  Your boudoir photos are pieces of art that are meant to make you see and feel differently about yourself.  They may also help you act more confidently in the “real world”.  Staying in the grit and grime of reality can’t inspire you like that – only art can.

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