The Big Picture

We all want to make some kind of impact on, or difference in, the world.  We want people to remember us; we want to be valuable and important.  I get caught up in the belief that I have to find a big, all-encompassing calling or vocation that will make the biggest impact possible on the world – and then I get discouraged when I just can’t seem to put my finger on that one thing.  Like, if I don’t write a book, or get a Master’s degree, I am failing or not living up to my potential.  Do you ever feel like that or is it just me?

But that way of thinking is so limiting – as a friend pointed out to me last night.  In so many interactions and decisions in our lives, it’s the little things that count.  The danger in waiting for the big picture, big idea is that I miss out on all of the little things that really make a difference.  Like taking the time to push past the small talk with someone, being open about my own mistakes and weaknesses, or being kinder to someone than I think they “deserve”.  What is this life for but to bring value to others? And really, that can happen by writing a book, becoming a Master at something, or by just being present and doing whatever I can to make people’s lives better.

So here is to some absolutely beautiful boudoir photos, and the beautiful woman in them.  Here is to the little things – to letting go of insecurities, treating yourself kindly, and believing that you are a beautiful woman with a lot to offer.  And I think those little things amount to a lot in the big picture.

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