The full package

The full package

A few months ago, we asked our newsletter subscribers to nominate someone deserving for a free boudoir shoot.  We got a multitude of entries, but after much deliberation, we chose this lovely lady.  Initially, our reasons for choosing S were to reward her for her hard work and positive attitude as a pharmacist through the COVID challenge.  After photographing her, though, I was struck by so many more qualities that made her an inspiring person to work with.  

Over this past year, it has been so easy to fall into pessimism, frustration, and antagonism.  I think I had forgotten what it was like to think of life in terms of passion, interests, callings, and optimism.  Working with S – who is not only a pharmacist and business owner, but also a mother, wife, friend, and athlete – I found myself reacquainted with the world of ambition and goal-oriented  living.  And I don’t mean “ambition” in the mercenary sense of the term.  I mean it as it refers to someone who has a purpose and focus in life outside of her own personal comfort.  Someone who is truly working hard to fulfill her role in her community with grace and competence.  It was so refreshing!

When you look at these photos, it will be clear that S is a very beautiful woman.  What you won’t be able to see, though (and what I really want you to know about her) is that she is also very fun, kind, friendly, modest, intelligent, and down-to-earth.  She is the full package and it is truly a pleasure to know her.  Thanks so much to her friend A who nominated her, and to S for allowing us to share her pictures with you!

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