The Gift of Boudoir

The Gift of Boudoir: Not Just Some Pretty Pictures

When you give the gift of boudoir to your partner, you’re not just giving him some pretty pictures of you.  Don’t get me wrong, the photos are AMAZING – the most beautiful ones of your life we hope – but the pictures are just one element of the present.  

If you’re at all like me, you sometimes don’t feel very beautiful or feminine.  All my life, I have played down my femininity.  I have always worn clothing built more for comfort than for attractiveness; I never get my nails done; I get my hair cut twice a year in a style that requires absolutely nothing from me and I never dye it; I wear makeup only when I have to (like for work); I never wear heels; I wear the same earrings every day and I never add jewelry to suit my outfit.  It’s not just that I have been “low maintenance”, it’s that I have always intentionally worked against my femininity – like deep down I thought it was a bad thing. 

My story might not resonate with you at all, but I know that a lot of women don’t feel beautiful.  Some women have never felt beautiful; some used to feel beautiful but don’t anymore because their bodies were changed by childbirth, illness, accidents, abuse, etc.  If you are one of these women, you know that this feeling affects how you interact with your partner.  Maybe you hold back and avoid being vulnerable in intimate situations; maybe you run yourself down constantly; maybe you pass up opportunities for soul-filling experiences.  These feelings get in the way of living – they limit your ability to love and be loved.

This is where the gift of boudoir comes in.   Boudoir won’t clear up every confidence issue you have, but it can help change the way you see yourself – and seeing yourself differently can be POWERFUL.  Like my client said today after she saw her photos, “I feel like I could take on the world!”  That feeling of possibility can lead to so many beautiful experiences.  So, the gift of boudoir isn’t just about the photos, it’s about the feeling of possibility that comes from the magic of a changed perspective, and all the opportunities and connections that flow out of that.

If you would like to give the gift of boudoir for Christmas or Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to schedule your shoot soon.  Book your phone consultation by October 20th, 2020 and receive a $150 Album Credit toward the purchase of photos!