The Greatest Reward

Do you ever think about retiring?  Do you ever wish you didn’t have to work?

I definitely have.  When I was a teacher, Sunday night was TERRIBLE.  I had so much anxiety about facing an entire week that I would often cry with the stress of it.  I would fantasize about driving right past the school and out into the unknown.  Have you ever felt like this?

I used to think that work itself was the problem in all of this.  I thought that if only I didn’t have to work, I would be happy.  When I made the shift from teaching into our photography business, I found that I was wrong.

Even though running our own business was full of struggle, mistakes, and risk, it was also highly rewarding.  It took switching careers to realize that it isn’t the struggle that makes work unenjoyable, but the type of struggle and reward scenario that comes out of it.  If you find the right fit, even the difficulty of the work can become satisfying.

It is this same principle that makes boudoir such a worthwhile endeavour.  It is demanding – it requires you to overcome your nerves and timidity.  It expects you to take a risk.  It is in the overcoming and the risk-taking that you experience the greatest reward from the experience.

Here are some photos of a client who was very nervous, but who trusted the process and took a risk.  I think the resulting photos are a testament to the reward!

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