The key to a longer, healthier life

Did you know that the happier we are in our relationships, the healthier we are?  In the Harvard Study of Adult Development, scientists followed 268 participants from 1938 onward, and continue to study their offspring, spouses, etc., to this day. Through their research, they have discovered that higher satisfaction in relationships makes for healthier, longer lives.

When we began Decoro, it was really important to us that our photoshoots be meaningful to our clients.  We didn’t want them to just add to the noise of the over-sexualization and objectification of women.  We didn’t want them to be about striving for an unobtainable body, or about encouraging women to find their identities in their physical appearances.

We wanted to create beautiful pieces of art celebrating feminine beauty.  We wanted our photos to prompt celebration in the real, overlooked beauty that every woman has.  We hoped that after their photoshoots, our clients had more self-acceptance.  And we believe that self-respect leads to healthier and happier relationships. 

So, the work we do is all about recognizing personal value, which leads to closer relationships, which leads to healthier, longer lives.  Boudoir photos are not the fix-all solution to all your personal or relationship challenges, but they aren’t just “pretty pictures” either.

I am so pleased to share these photos with you today. This beautiful lady has been through some very painful experiences, but she has continued to reach out to others and invest in relationships.  That takes courage and hope and a grace that can only be divine.  It was a blessing to be a small part of her journey.

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