The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Do

The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Do

Kevan and I have three children: almost 11, almost 9, and 6. They are all in school, and they are getting more and more independent, so I have more time to myself to “get stuff done”.  But, I remember what it was like to have a little baby bundled up in a snuggly to go for a fall walk.  I remember what it was like to run behind a chariot full of snacks and books to keep my one and three-year-olds occupied while I got some exercise.  I remember what it was like to try to muster the energy to get three little kids out the door to go to church on Sunday morning.  It was hard and beautiful and boring and fun.  It was all the things.

If you are expecting a baby, I am so happy for you.  It is a worthwhile and life-filling adventure to raise a child.  In fact, I think it is the most important thing you’ll ever do.  However, it can be wholly unglamorous as well.  You will be tired and no one will give you kudos or a paycheque; your lifestyle will have new limits; inconveniences will strike in the worst possible moments and you’ll have to let go of your desire to be in control.

But all that is good too.  It makes you less selfish, more easy-going, and more humble.  And one day, when your kids don’t need you as much, you’ll have more time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished.  You’ll be able to look a back at all the pictures that were taken, and videos that were recorded and you’ll see the beautiful flow of life that you have been an essential part of.  Believe me, that is a rewarding place to be.❤️

We have had the great pleasure of photographing this beautiful woman twice.  Her pregnancy and safe delivery of a healthy son was the beautiful result of a difficult journey.  We were so thrilled to have walked a small portion of that journey with her.  Congrats, B!  We love you!

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