The other side of the lens

It is hard to be in a profession and receive the services you usually provide.  For example, Kevan and I were both teachers and we know from experience that they are difficult to teach (namely because they are used to talking and not necessarily listening).  I am sure some doctors are hard to treat, hairstylists difficult to please, and psychologists impossible to psychoanalyze.  There are always exceptions, of course, and that brings us to the client we are profiling today.

This beautiful lady is Kristin Jubinville of KJubinvillle Photography.  After winning a contest through our private Facebook group, Boudoir by Decoro, she was game to put herself out there and take her place on the other side of the lens for a bit of a change.  This is not easy.  I know when a photographer is shooting, he or she is focused on many different elements such as the posing, the light, tags and stray hairs, as well as the emotional space of the client.  A photographer doesn’t have time to attend to his or her own emotional space.  It is a totally different ball game on the other side of the lens.  You have to trust the photographer and let go of your expectations and insecurities.  In this case, knowing more about the experience can create more anxiety rather than less.

But, Kristin did such a good job letting go and trusting us.  She was positive, upbeat, engaged, and confident – all the right ingredients for beautiful photographs.  We are so glad we got to photograph this beautiful woman with the bold red hair.  Thanks, Kristin, and best of luck with your own photography endeavors!

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