The Poise of Mary Crawley

I think there are two types of people in the world: people who love Downton Abbey and people who think it’s the most boring show on the planet.  I am one of the first kind.

As soon as I turn on Downton Abbey, my brain feasts on the glitz and glam of the beautiful rooms and the beautiful clothes.  The storyline doesn’t have to move quickly for me because I love people and all their little triumphs and failures.

My absolute favourite character (other than Maggie Smith because who doesn’t love her?) is Mary Crawley.  She is beautiful, intelligent, cold, controlled, crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside, always has the right words for the moment, and is unfailingly poised.  She never gets ruffled – she never blushes, almost never cries (unless someone has died and sometimes not even then), and never laughs.  Her smiles are carefully doled out.  There is a big part of me that envies her ability to dominate her emotions because she is always a mystery – an enigma.

Of course, emotions and behaviour like a little breathing room.  They seep out somewhere and in the case of Mary Crawley, they come out in the form of risque sexual encounters – at least risque for that day and time.  And the fact that she deviates so far from her normal control makes her even more interesting. Granted, the story of Mary Crawley is calculated for maximum entertainment so we can’t draw a direct parallel to real life, but we can learn something from her.

Lessons from Mary Crawley:

  1. Reserving parts of yourself for special people only makes you very alluring.
  2. Sometimes, your personal attractiveness is enhanced when you do something that doesn’t seem to fit with your personality.
  3. Poise is a lost feminine art that could be reclaimed to reinvigorate our lives with mystery, fascination, and subtle sex appeal (something I think our world needs because we have overdone the overt sex appeal bit).

In line with this theme, I have chosen some images that are alluring in their aloofness and poise.  Thanks so much to M for letting us share them!