The Super Bowl Performance

I know this topic is several weeks old, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the Super Bowl performance by Shakira and J Lo. I have read rants about the hyper-sexualization of women and rants about women’s rights to express themselves however they want. It’s an interesting debate, especially because it is so emotionally charged.

Why did that performance raise people’s temperatures so much? After all, we all had the choice to watch or not watch.

Maybe it’s a value thing to a lot of people. They want their girls to grow up in a world where a woman is respected for her mind and abilities, not her physical beauty.

Or on the other side of that, women don’t want their physical bodies or their sexuality to be stigmatized as “dirty” or “wrong”.

Maybe it’s as simple as jealousy, a comparison between ourselves and “the ideal woman”, where we come out wanting.

As boudoir photographers, we are a part of this conversation. We do focus on the physical beauty of each woman we photograph. Our aim is to draw attention to a woman’s sensuality. We could be (and probably are) criticized for the same things that Shakira and J Lo are taking heat for.

I think, though, that boudoir produces a different effect than the example that Shakira and J Lo have set. Those two women are amazing individuals. They have worked hard to develop talents and abilities, not to mention an image, that are highly sellable. They are ideals that peasants like the rest of us can only look up to, not emulate.

Boudoir on the other hand, allows you to be your own ideal. You take the normal, everyday person you are, and you create the space and time to become the iconic version of yourself. You aspire to something that you can emulate with a little bit of courage and effort.

I think ideals are extremely important to have because they keep you growing and reaching to be more than you are. Like most goals, though, it’s good to have something to aspire to that doesn’t completely obliterate you with its impossibility. I will NEVER be able to shake my booty like Shakira (does she have extra joints?!), but I can do a pretty mean booty pop in a boudoir photo if I put my mind to it!

I am SUPER excited to share this shoot with you today. I’ve been hanging onto this one for awhile, so it’s about time we released it! This beautiful woman is not shy about her body – she celebrates it. Thanks so much to S for allowing us to show these amazing pictures.

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