The Whole Trail

A friend of mine got me thinking about the Gilmore Girls the other day. In the newest series, “A Year in the Life”, Lorelei decides she needs to get some space to find herself, so she travels to California to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, you know that Lorelei Gilmore is not a woman who exercises or roughs it. She is THE LAST person who should ever do a 2600 mile solo-trek. It is a truly ridiculous goal and her fans cannot imagine her succeeding.

The beauty of the Gilmore Girls is that it is a sophisticated comedy-drama. Lorelei doesn’t encounter a series of hilarious disasters on her journey. She also doesn’t experience a bunch of powerful personal revelations as she hikes the wilderness. SPOILER ALERT: she doesn’t even start the hike. She packs and repacks her impractically large backpack in a dumpy motel room at the trailhead over several days. Then, she walks behind the motel and finds a spectacular view, which inspires in her a flood of healing memories about her recently deceased father. All of a sudden, her life’s direction comes into sharp focus. She returns home with a new understanding of herself.

I LOVE THAT. Understanding, finding, redefining yourself can happen through big goals, revolutionary changes, and painfully stretching experiences. It can also happen in quick flashes of insight and tiny rearrangements in your life. No matter what, life is an adventure – whether you hike the whole trail or just carry your pack to the trailhead.

I am so pleased to share these photos with you. This beautiful woman is walking the whole trail. We are grateful that we got to travel a little part of the journey with her!

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