They put the “wild” in Wild Honey

You hear them before you see them.  They are talking and laughing, teasing and exclaiming – there is no gap in their conversation.  The three women of Wild Honey, a roots band based in the East Kootenays, clearly enjoy life, music, and each other’s company.

We first met Shelby, Jessica, and Laura three ago when we shot a series of band pictures for them.  During that session, our studio exploded with more clothes than I’ve possibly ever seen in my life, and a ridiculous amount of enthusiasm.  You don’t have to spend a lot of time with these women to know that they are extraordinary people.  They are vivacious, ambitious, confident and talented.  Sounds a bit intimidating, right?  Part of their charm is that they are also down-to-earth, humble, and fun-loving.  Working with them was memorable and entertaining.

Lucky for us, they decided to come back to us to get some new photos done.  This time, we traveled to an absolutely beautiful location to get a more oudoorsy and totally East Kootenay look.  In this set of pictures, I have included several candids because they really show the spirit of these beautiful women.

At the end of this post, I have also included a Shaw news special on the band, which is a pretty cool watch.  We hope you enjoy these photos and get out to see Wild Honey perform.  You can also visit their website to listen to some of their music and keep your eye on their upcoming events:

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