Trust the Process

Like many parents in Fernie, we are teaching our kids how to ski.  Watching them go through the learning process has reminded me of a couple of things:

  1. Kids are so much freer in their own minds to learn because they haven’t yet been boxed in by any negative stories about themselves.  They don’t have the same negative self-talk and self-doubt.  They just assume that they can do something, and then they give it a shot.  They need encouragement and guidance because they get frustrated and want to quit, but they don’t have the same barriers to starting that we may have as adults.
  2. Learning isn’t necessarily built through small, incremental steps.  Often, skills are gained in giant leaps following periods of almost no improvement.  One day, our three-year-old looks like he will never be able to get his feet into a snowplow, and the next day he is going up on the chairlift and making turns like he’s been doing it forever.  It is incredible.

I suppose that all of this can be summed up by the old adage: “Practice makes perfect.”  We are humans and humans are designed to learn.  Chances are that if we have the desire to be skiers or dancers or singer or writers, we can probably achieve some level of competency if we put in the time.  Some of that time may seem like drudgery because we aren’t seeing any improvement but at some point, we will leap forward in our new skill with startling rapidity.  We just have to plod away for a bit until that happens.

In some ways, though, that is the easy part.  If we can get started, we can manage all the ups and downs of the learning process.  But we have to be a bit like children to get started.  We have to assume that we can do if only we try.  We have to put our egos and worries and doubts aside and just trust the process.

One of the main ingredients in a successful boudoir shoot is a client who trusts the process.  If she can silence the voice inside her that says, “You aren’t beautiful enough for this,” or “You are awkward and unphotogenic,” then she will have fun, feel powerful, and love her photos.  If she is struggling with that, then we are always there to coach and guide her, and to remind her of her own value.  We have seen women make giant leaps in confidence in a single boudoir session, and we find that extremely rewarding.

Thanks so much to S for letting us share her photos.  You are truly beautiful!

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