When we shoot, one of our aims is to get as much variety as possible.  In real life, you can’t get to know a person very well if you only see her in one environment.  The same goes for photos.

To get variety, we encourage our clients to bring outfits that are different styles, colours and textures.  We suggest bringing some lingerie, but also some outfits that are normally designed for daily wear.  Sexy is, after all, more of an attitude than a look.

From there, we try to change our furniture set-ups a ton.  We always joke that our job is more about moving furniture than taking pictures.  We use beds, ottomans, chairs, stools, walls, and the floor.  Whatever we can find, really.

Then, Kevan plays around with the light.  We use natural light, soft boxes, flashes, modelling lights, etc.  We transform our tiny little studio space into so many different places with just a change of the light.

Finally, we create a base pose and then guide our client through some variations of that.  By changing each pose slightly, we get a sense of movement and story.  From image to image a different emotion, ambiance and theme is crafted.

The result is a collection of photos that captures a woman’s beauty in a bunch of different ways.  Each photo has some new story to tell about her and I think that is a beautiful way to look at a person.

I chose this beautiful lady’s photos to show you today because I love the variety in them.  Even when there is only a slight difference between photos, a different moment shines through each picture.  Thanks so much to K for allowing us to share her pictures!

Boudoir is for EVERY woman – yes, you too!  Schedule a phone consultation to learn more about our shoots. We can’t wait to talk with you!

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