Wanting more

January is a TOUGH month. I have seen so many memes like, “30 days have September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31 except for January, which has 85 freaking days…will this freaking month never end.” Do you relate? I do!

When life seems harder, or if you’re in a rut, all you feel like doing is binge-watching Netflix. You just want to get away, escape into something pleasantly numbing.

We all do this from time to time but, if you’re like me, it gets old at some point. After a few hours or days of wallowing, something inside you shifts and you’re ready for change.

That’s when you start spring cleaning your house, start a new workout program, get rid of all the cookies in your house, or do a boudoir shoot (I had to mention it). Life is full of possibility all of a sudden.

So, in some ways, I’m kind of grateful for January. It grinds away at our apathy and makes us want something more. By the time February arrives, the world looks new again. At least, that’s what I’m counting on 😉

The shoot we are profiling today is with a beautiful person we have worked with before. Photographing someone twice is fun for us because we have to shoot in a new way. Lucky for us, R was very brave and allowed us to take her tromping through the snow in her underwear. So much fun! We hope you enjoy the photos!

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