Wedding Boudoir

Have you ever experienced a moment so full of potential that you were overwhelmed by it?  It was as if hope for your future was so powerful that it pushed out all your doubts and frustrations. How about your graduation?  Your wedding?  The birth of your first child?  Halfway through a Starbucks drip coffee (this is straight out of real life for me – Kevan always jokes that when I hang out at Starbucks, I start believing I can conquer the world – their caffeine content is off the charts).

Weddings are particularly magical days of overwhelming potential.  Two people have decided to make a public declaration of their commitment and love.  That takes intention, planning and an emotional and financial investment.  They have created the space and time to be overwhelmed by the potential of the new life they are creating together.  It isn’t just a day like any other, it is the space in between two different lives – and everyone knows that spaces in between two realities are magical because there are no mistakes there – only potential.

We had the opportunity to do an absolutely incredible wedding boudoir shoot with a gorgeous woman who is getting married in Cuba in a few weeks. It sounds like it is going to be an amazing day that launches her and her husband-to-be into an amazing marriage.

I wanted to share one last thing before I show you these incredible photographs.  Many of you know that we also own 6:8 Photography, which is our wedding brand, but I have encountered several people lately who don’t know that we are connected.  Kevan has had 6:8 Photography for 11 years, and has photographed hundreds of weddings.  He is passionate about telling stories through his photographs (this isn’t lip-service – we talk about it over the dinner table a lot), which is one of the reasons he is so good at what he does.  We would love for you to visit the 6:8 website to check out his work: 68photography.com .

Without further adieu, here are some beautiful bridal boudoir photos!

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