What do I wear?!

One of the first things women start thinking about when they book a boudoir shoot is, “What do I wear?!”  That makes sense to me.  Most of us are a little bit out of our depths when we start thinking about purchasing lingerie.  Lingerie is a luxury purchase.  We don’t wear it every day, we don’t wear it very long, and we don’t wear it in very many places.  It is also not typically very comfortable.  But like many uncomfortable, expensive and impractical things we women love to buy, it looks great.

My favorite lingerie pieces are bodysuits and unique bra and panty sets.  There are so many options nowadays that everyone can find something they love.  Bodysuits can feel ridiculous, but with the right amount of confidence and attitude, they really do look amazing.  My favorite bra style is called a “longline bra”.  It has vintage, elegant feel to it and I think it looks great on everyone.  Panties have really come a long way over the last few years, and you can find limitless variety.

What if you don’t like lingerie?  No problem!  My favorite boudoir outfits are off-the-shoulder shirts, tank tops, and dresses with slits up the sides.  I find these kinds of outfits allow us to represent our realities a little more closely.  We are more likely to be walking around our houses in tank tops than we are in fancy bustiers.

A Decoro Boudoir Shoot is all about being you, but a more adventurous and sexy version.  No matter what clothing pieces you choose, you want to make sure you really like it.  Loving your clothing helps you feel confident, and confidence is one of the primary ingredients in beauty.

Do you want to see yourself in a new light?  Do you want to become acquainted with a sexier, more confident version of yourself?  Consider doing a Decoro Boudoir Shoot with us!

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