What do you like about you?

What do you like about yourself?  Try not to skate over that question.  Take a minute and think about it.  How do you feel when you actually take the time to formulate an answer?  Is it easy?  Can you come up with a list right away?  Or, is it so hard that even pausing to consider the question makes you a little squirrelly? 

If you can’t identify anything about yourself that you like, or your list is only a couple of lines long, you have work to do.  And if you’re sitting there saying, “I don’t have time to think about myself because I have too many others to look after”, I’m here to tell you that’s a copout.

Yes ma’am, if you cannot make a list of things you like about you, chances are you’re experiencing more than one of the following:

  • You’re jealous of others and that jealousy comes out as criticism.
  • You’re doing too much for your dependents.  You’re trying to earn your worth and as a result, you’re doing for others what they can and should do for themselves.  That stunts their growth, as well as yours.
  • You’re feeling unhealthy.  You’re out of shape, you’re putting on or losing weight in abnormal amounts, you’re not sleeping well, you’re feeling lethargic.  
  • You don’t have any goals for your future.  You haven’t identified what you do well, so you can’t figure out what you want to work on.  
  • You’re feeling depressed, hopeless, bored, and unhappy.  You have a hard time enjoying anything.
Before you can make any changes in your life, or experience joy, stability or freedom, you have to recognize your value as a human being. You have to start from the belief that you have something to offer to the world and that your existence is on purpose.  Next, you have to assume that there are things you do well.  

Once you can see those two things, you can start to build on the good and discard the bad.  You can take time to be healthy so that you can continue the work you were created to do.  You can let others make their own mistakes because you have seen the value of that in your own life.  You don’t need to feel jealous of others because you can benefit from their gifts and offer your own in return.  Having the humility to believe that you are here for a reason opens up a world of possibility and joy.


So, back to my original question.  What do you like about yourself?  What is good about you?  Take the time to answer it – it’ll be worth it.



Kevan got the chance to photograph this beautiful lady’s wedding this summer.  She was one of the lucky ones who was able to plan a last-minute wedding and get it done before all the crazy lockdowns went into effect. Thanks so much to M for letting us show some of her photos and best of luck as you start your married life!

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