What fills you up?

What do you look forward to in your day? Your morning cup of coffee? A glass of wine in the evening? A Netflix show? A long bath? A run? Really stop and think about that for a minute. What part of your day fills you back up with enthusiasm for life?

As a New Year’s Resolution this year, I decided to cut back on my alcohol consumption. I wasn’t drinking a lot, but I was starting to really look forward to my evening glass of wine. It bothered me that I wanted it so much and I’d already seen myself increase the frequency of the indulgence. I decided that I needed to interrupt the trend, so I decided to only allow myself a glass or two of wine on the weekend.

At first, I found the habit difficult to change. I would go into Kevan’s office around 5 o’clock and say, “I really want a glass of wine,” and he would say, “Be strong.” That would get me through the difficult moment, and the urge would go away. Now, it’s not hard at all to deny myself, and when the weekend comes, I enjoy my glass of wine even more.

The other positive thing that has come from this change is that it has forced me to think of other, healthier things to look forward to. “Healthier things” usually include experiences that are restful and rejuvenating. After doing them, I feel “filled up” instead of emptied. These activities include exercise, reading or creating something.

So, what brings you joy? What enhances your experience of life and makes you savour it? Whatever it is, build it into your every day, set it apart and make it special. And those things that you enjoy that cause regret later, maybe consider dropping them to make room for the real life-givers.

I am really excited to share the images from this shoot with you. The beautiful model in these photographs is a strong, confident, insightful human being. She received this photo shoot as a gift from her sister. It wasn’t something that she would have sought out on her own, but I think the experience was positive. It maybe even filled up a little corner of her life with joy, which is usually the result of doing something that scares you a tiny bit. We hope you like the photos, and we hope that you make a boudoir shoot a part of your joyful life!

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