Why Maternity Photos Matter

Why Maternity Photos Matter

Some women love being pregnant and some really hate it.  Pregnancy is hard!  Your body is changing, which can feel really uncomfortable, and your life is changing, which can be disconcerting.  However, it is also a very unique time because for nine months, you are standing on the line between one life an another.  There are very few moments in life when you are so distinctly aware of that.

Speaking from experience, once that baby comes into the world, you hit the ground running and you don’t have a lot of time to remember what life was like before that lovely little human was dominating your existence.  But, the day will come when you will realize that you have forgotten who you were before that baby changed your life.  You’ll forget what it was like to carry that child inside you.  And trust me when I say that you’ll want to have something by which to remember that time.  

That is the power of photography.  Looking back at yourself carrying that new human life inside you will help you stay connected to the person you were and the feelings you felt.  They will help anchor you to your past, experience gratitude for your present, and make you hopeful for the future.  Pictures are pretty magical when you think about it.

We did this maternity shoot a few months ago and I’ve seen some pictures pop up on Facebook of the beautiful baby who was cocooned inside her mother in these pictures. Bringing children into the world is such a normal human experience, but it is also somehow so miraculous!  I hope you enjoy these pictures and if you are expecting, I hope we get to create some magical maternity photos for you too!

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