Work and Play

Because it’s been so warm and the pandemic restrictions are coming to an end, I find myself indulging in too many libations.  There is nothing better than a beer on a hot day.  Or a gin and tonic in the evening.  Or a cider at the beach.  Or a glass of wine on a patio with a friend. That list could keep going and going.  I seem to be able to find an excuse to “celebrate” wherever I look.

Whenever I get into a cycle where my celebratory activity becomes more commonplace, something happens to remind me that some things are meant to be done sparingly, not regularly.  What are my cues?  Here’s a list that I’m positive we can all relate to:

  • I am putting on weight
  • I am spending too much money
  • I am falling behind on my responsibilities
  • I am grouchy with my family because of all of the above.

If you’re a highly disciplined person, you may not relate to this but I think most of us can.  Once I get over my frustration and panic, I get to work.  I make a plan, I put restrictions on myself, and live more “on purpose”.  My course correction is usually successful.  

But that’s not the end of it. If I am too strict with myself, I rebel against my rules and backslide.  I have learned over time that I can’t be too militant with myself.  I need “moderation” not “elimination”.   I need to let myself have something to look forward to. I need to work hard but then I need to celebrate.  Both hard work and celebration are more meaningful when they come as a pair in the right doses.  

I hope that your summer is the perfect balance of work and play, determination and celebration, deprivation and libation.  Cheers! 🥂

I am so glad to share this lovely lady’s photos with you today.  This beautiful human has faced many challenges in her life but she has persevered with fortitude and an amazing attitude.  Thanks so much to R for allowing us to publish these images!

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