You’re the work of art

There is never just one way to look at anything.  The most immediate example in my life is the difference between the appearance of our studio to the casual observer, and the look of the studio in our photos.  Our studio is in our home, taking up half of our main floor. The light in the studio is beautiful, which makes it perfect for our purposes, but it is not a brand new home.  It has many quirks and the studio space itself isn’t very big, so it can be really surprising that we do almost all of our photo shoots in that one room.

What makes it possible to create dynamic, beautiful images in our space is the skill of focusing in on some things to the exclusion of others.  Really, that’s how we create meaning of any kind in our lives – we attend to some things and we ignore or minimize other things.  If we didn’t do that, our lives would be stressful and chaotic.  Just think if you paid attention to everything equally: making dinner would be as stressful as looking for a job; losing a hair tie would be as frustrating as losing your keys.  You would be exhausted by all the information coming in at every moment of the day.

Lucky for us, we can choose what takes up space in our brains.  We can choose to accept certain information and filter out other information.  This is such a good skill when it comes to self-confidence.  When thoughts like, “I am not good enough, pretty enough, successful enough,” pop into our minds, we can choose to ignore them.  We can also choose to replace them with thoughts like, “I am unique, worthy, lovable and valuable.”  This is a REAL choice that has powerful consequences.  It’s the difference between an ok studio space and a piece of photographic art.  It’s the difference between a beautiful and fulfilling life, and a life bogged down by self-doubt.

So, here’s to looking at yourself differently because you are not the studio, you are the work of art.

Thanks so much to TL for allowing us to show her images, and best of luck to her as she gets married very soon!

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