At dinner this week, we were telling our kids about The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and we started wondering if that would actually be a bad way to go.  We decided that starting as an old man or woman and “aging” to a baby would only be good if we could start with the knowledge and experiences that are normally associated with old age.  It would also be imperative that we be able to keep that level of knowledge as we got younger, and then drifted off into baby-oblivion as we lost the ability to talk and walk. This is all ridiculous, however, because if you could actually design your aging strategy, who would actually choose to age at all?  Give us a break – we have three kids 7 and under.

I know the point is cliche, but I am finally old enough to understand the expression, “Youth is wasted on the young.”  What a gift we have in our beautiful youth – to walk through the world with the expectation of good things in a life still entirely ahead of us.  What possibilities we have when we live in hope like that.  So, here’s to a year of good things, and living as if you have a whole lifetime ahead of you.

We would also like to thank this beautiful young lady for celebrating her youth with a shoot with us!  Your photos are beautiful, and we are so glad we get to share them!

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